Family Economy Video Course Semester I Books Included


Now more than ever, building your own family economy is extremely important. In this age of uncertainty, wouldn’t it be worth the investment to help your children (and you!) learn how to start a small business that will enable them to work from home?

The Family Economy Video Course Semester I is an 8-week video course with author and entrepreneur Dana Susan Beasley. Using her curriculum, Your Guidebook to Growing Your Family Economy, students will begin their journey of starting their own businesses.

This course includes diigital ebook PDFs as well as videos that will be released lesson by lesson each week.

The videos will be on demand starting in September 2021.

There is a suggested 1-2 hours of homework per module for students to complete.

Course includes:

Module 1: Why You Need a Family Economy (Available now. Get started early!)

Module 2: The Basic Business Building Steps (Available September 7)

Module 3: Create a Vision of Your Family Economy (Available September 14)

Module 4: Definitions You MUST Know to Get Started (Available Available 21)

Module 5: Persona VS Name: Which One Are You? (Available September 28)

Module 6: Essential Elements of a Well-Designed Logo/Brand (Available October 5)

Module 7: The Best Software to Build Your Brand (Available October 12)

Module 8: Generate Ideas that Spark Your Creativity (Available October 19)

Part II (a separate charge and enrollment will open in October) will include modules on brand strategy, color theory, typography, choosing a graphic, and a design tutorial to create a logo and web banner. We will end with a show and tell of the student work. The course will begin January 18, 2022.