2020 Explorers Summer LARPing Camp Enrollment–Members Only

Enroll your child for the 2020 Summer LARPing Camp! For members only!

For Members Only!

Who: children ages 9-18

When: July 27-30, 2020, 9-3:30 pm

Where: My Folks Home, Sedalia, Colorado.

What: Have a blast ditch batting, making weapons and accessories and other crafts, learning acting skills, devotionals and Bible studies, collaborative storytelling (we call it Advanced Narrative Roleplaying) and of course LIVE ACTION ROLE PLAYING!

Price will be going up in June so reserve your spot today!

$97 camp enrollment fee + $30 materials fee

Cancellation Policy

If cancelled due to COVID19 100% will be refunded.

If cancelled before July 1, all but 10% of total fee will be refunded.
If cancelled between July 2 and two weeks before camp, all but 25% of total fee will be refunded.

No refunds after July 18.