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2019-20 Explorers LARPing Creativity Club Monthly Individual Membership

LARPing homeschool club, including events, ditch battling, period appropriate crafts, acting practice and tips, character development, role-playing games, creative writing & drama–All educational and fun! Starts with medieval fantasy (Like Lord of the Rings/Narnia)

This includes a $15 per month materials fee. This is averaged out for all classes and events and includes the crafts, “store,” awards for our Knighting Ceremony. It means that parents will not have to pay anything extra for the classes. Most of the rest of the fee goes to support our Coach and his wife.

If you would like to make other payment arrangements for the materials fee, please let the director Dana know by contacting her at or 719-212-8977 and she will give you a discount code to exclude the materials fee. You will then be required to pay BEFORE the a class or event on Eventbrite. The payments will be slightly higher to cover our costs.

Access to Membership Portal ends after last payment cycle.

If you wish to cancel, notify Mrs. Beasley at least 7 days before your regular payment.