Okay, you’ve finished your character analysis sheet. Now it’s time to upload it!

Remember you have to download the Character Analysis Sheets onto your computer and work from there. Just type in any of the blue screens and go for it! The text boxes will allow you to make it scrolling so you’re not limited to the box area.

Be sure to do a Save As in the document. Save it under your name. For instance, if I were to make one it would be “Character_Analysis_Sheet_Dana_Beasley.”

You will get 10 points once we have approved of your character sheet. These are not graded–we just want to look these over and if need be give some questions or ask questions for clarification.

If you have a family membership, send the other LARPing character sheets to communications@angelarts.biz. Mrs. Beasley will adjust points accordingly.

I look forward to seeing your characters!