The Healing Mother and the heroes saw that the next Lantern was in Hindirth. They were somewhere in the catacombs beneath the city. The same catacombs that Suzaro believers hid in during the tyranny of the Red Empire.

They also received word that Hindirth was under siege by monsters and followers of monsters.

Denard, the acolyte of the once hero of Artonn the half-giant, provided the Healing Mother and heroes a magic scroll which will teleport them past the monsters and into the city.

Upon arrival, the Healing Mother was greeted by Valtarie. He took them to the main house of the headmaster of the city. They discuss that they know of the lantern’s location underneath the house itself. It was found by a secret organization that continually guards the lantern.

The monsters began to break through the town’s defenses. Monsters started to break through the walls and spill over the gates and run rampant through the streets.

A battle ensued with the monsters and there were two waves of these battles.

Then after defeating monsters, Valtarie led them to his private chambers full of strange mechanical devices, paintings, sketches, potions, etc. He led them to a painting of Artonn the Giant who fought in the the battle with Mauldrogk the Black Dragon. Valtarie and Artonn were friends. Valtarie was given long life. Artonn saw he had a pure heart so he gave Valtarie this tea that gave him life. An elixir he drinks in a secret tea ceremony every 30-50 years.

Valtarie led them to to a secret passage. He pulled the entrance open. It went down stone steps. Leading to catacombs, they found a long hallway that was neatly kept and clean. It led into a dome-shaped chamber with a big platform of marble and gemstones. On the platform was resting the lantern which was neatly kept. The fire was burning.

The read the scroll aloud. Praises to Suzaro!

Valtarie in all of his dedicated years formed his own secret agency based around finding the lanterns. They recovered one during the Red Empire when they hid in the catacombs. He was a prominent figure in the underground during that time. He tumbled upon the lantern. They were liberating captives from the Red Empire group of slavers. They found a massive cavern of treasure and the lantern was in the middle of it. They then made it their mission to find the other lanterns.

They put the magic lantern light on Healing Mother’s staff. Another scroll came out.

They also made a magic copy when the Healing Mother waved her hand. It appeared. So they looked at the map.

The ground started shaking.

The Healing Mother and heroes rushed up to the surface with Valtarie. They went outside and then they saw a massive creature. The creature stood over 50 feet tall. It was humanoid with dark blackish-blue skin, four arms with shackles on his wrists, and a cyclops eye with a metal head. It was partly machine and monster.

They engaged in battle. The Cyclops shot laser beams out of his eye, which caused massive damage.

The Healing Mother and heroes defeated the cyclops.

After the victory and the dead buried, there was a ceremony with the Healing Mother. A great feast and celebration was given in honor of all those who gave their lives in the great battles.

After the feast, the Healing Mother and Valtarie had a meeting. The Healing Mother pointed out through her map the next location of the lantern. Valtarie said he would gather his agents and secret society to be prepared to launch a surprise account on the Raven Lord’s castle. The lantern is there and it’s one of the very few places in all of the world that the Healing Mother is afraid to go to.

That’s because the Raven Lord orchestrated the terror the Healing Mother went through that was instigated by DaChatchen.
Side note: Valtarie has an apprentice that is a rune caster. He is developing an entire type of magic that is a hybrid between magic and science and the written arts capable of creating communication on an entire new level for the whole world to use. The entire books of text from the priestly Vandarian script in a unique language destined to be given to the people. The apprentice is able to decipher and he had visions from the shepherd Gerralt. Gerald gave him knowledge like a spiritual download. He’s the only one who knows how to translate it.