Here’s the story we did at the October 16 LARPing event. If you want to download the story go to the Materials Tab.

The Healing Mother and Valtarie return to the feast. They tell the heroes that they need to go on their next journey on their quest to find the next lantern.

Healing Mother suddenly starts trembling and sighing. She is acting very afraid which the heroes think is odd. She is never like this!

“Where is the Raven Lord’s Castle?” she asks Valtarie, her voice noticeably shaking.

Valtarie says his spies have not found out yet but the Sea Elf King of the Sea Kingdom in the Southern Ocean knows.

The Healing Mother relaxes and her shaking stops. She is delighted that they get to go somewhere else beside the Raven Lord’s castle, at least for now.

“We get to be explorers and discover new lands!” She exclaims with excitement! How like a little child she looks at heart, the heroes think! Certainly not 3,000 plus years old! She doesn’t look a day over 39!

They then journey to find the beach head of the Sea Kingdom. But first they must go through the Black Jungle.

After exploring around the area, which is unknown to all of them, they finally find the beach head after wandering for many days.

The Healing Mother casts a spell which allows them to go underwater and breathe with bubbles around their mouths and noses.

They get to the underwater city and enter. It is protected by magical fields allowing them to have air.

Suddenly they are hear shouting and yelling. A dark elf dressed in black angrily confronts them, surrounded by a band of dark elves.

“Who are you and what do you want?” he asks gruffly.

“I am Queen Amaterien also known as the Healing Mother of the Henshu Monastery in Lanofeh. I have come to seek advice from the Sea King. We must see him! It’s a matter of much importance!”

The elf sneers. “We don’t like new people here. We don’t like outsiders here and we seldom let any outsiders in our realm. What you say is of no concern to us. Go back where you came from.”

With that both sides start arguing back and forth. The shouts get louder and louder, reaching a crescendo. A skirmish breaks out as the verbal debate turns into several fights amongst both parties.

“Stop!” commands the Queen and slams her staff on the ground. A blast of light dazzles the fighting crowd with its blue gem.

The sword of the leading dark elf crashes to the floor. He is shocked and surprised and clearly angry.

“Fine! I will take you to the King but if you step out of line your life is forfeit! The King has powers that very few know of.”

The Healing Mother nods her head in a slight bow. “We have not come to do any harm. We only ask for help. Once Lanofeh is conquered by this strange enemy we face, they will find your kingdom and destroy it. We want to protect you, too.”

The dark elf grimaces. “Follow me.” He leads them to the palace of the Sea King and through its many rooms to a large chamber with a throne made of a coral reef in the center.

A tall fair elf is sitting on the throne, slumped over. They hear snoring. His golden crown is askew on his blond head. It’s about to fall off.

“My Lord,” says the dark elf. “I have brought you a visitor who says she must see you.”

The King sits bolt upright, barely keeping his crown from falling off.

“And who dares to interrupt my rest,” he says grumpily as he stares at the strange party before him.

“I am Queen Amaterien, keeper of the flame, Healing Mother of Henshu Monastery. I have come to you for help. And I hope, to help you.”

The Sea King stands up and walks over to the queen, a sudden smile spreading on his face.

“Aw, my Queen Amaterien! I have heard so many wonderful tales of you and how you help the realms of Lanofeh AND your own of Kapacé. You are most welcome here!” He glares at the dark elf and the dark elf bows and leaves the chamber. His followers leave with him.

“What is it that you need from me?” he asks.

The Healing Mother explains to him the situation and how they need to find the Raven Lord’s castle to use the lantern against their enemy and for the people. When she mentions the castle, the heroes notice that her voice gets shaky again.

“This is what you need to do,” he says. He summons a servant and whispers to them. The servant runs off and comes back quickly, holding an object in his hand which he gives to the king.

“Go back to the beach and take this.”

He gives the Healing Mother a stone that has a carving of an ancient rune.

“This ancient rune, when placed under the sunlight on the beach, will point the way to the Raven Lord’s Castle.”

“Thank you, my Lord,” Queen Amaterien says, slightly bowing her head. There is a slight tremor as she bows.

“Before you journey, let us take a repast and a rest. You are welcome to stay as our most honored guest.”

The Queen bows her head again and a smile forms on her lips, relieved. Anything to delay the journey!

The Healing Mother and the heroes are led to a dining area where they have a luncheon with the king. They spend the afternoon and night exploring the city with its many wonders.

Early the next morning, they go back through the city.

The Healing Mother is acting more and more afraid, visibly shaking and trembling. The Heroes are concerned and confused. They have never seen her like this before!

The Healing Mother hands out the bubbles again and they breathe bubbles on the way back to the beach where they started.

When they get to the beach, they place the stone on the beach under the sunlight.

It spins and points to the East.

They journey East, past the Boar Spine Mountains, over the Red River, the tributary to the Great River.

The castle is not there!

They get lost and keep searching. They find a large lake called Ghost Lake. The Queen had heard about it in ancient writings. But still, no castle.

“Is it, I wonder, actually in Lanofeh or in a rift?” asks the Healing Mother.

Suddenly, miles South of the vast lake and almost to the Southeast edge of the continent, a rift opens! It leads up. It is between the Mountains of Ponderance.

They follow it. Funny how the Healing Mother is quaking and her head is stooped and her feet are dragging. What in the world!

Finally, after much searching in the giant mounds of earth they find a hidden castle. They enter. The Healing Mother is barely looking up. She leans heavily on her staff.

“There’s no one here!” cries Toka.

The Queen stops. She straightens up and looks around.

“Yes, it DOES appear to be abandoned!” She exclaims. Her body, which had been extremely tense, relaxes.

They walk through the halls. It feels strange and mysterious. Like there seemed to be a lingering energy. But none of the party could understand it.

As they walk, the Healing Mother explains that when she was very young, as she had explained before, was bound by darkness and almost destroyed. It was the Raven Lord who bound her in this very castle! He kept her bound for DaChatchen, the Lord of Hate. DaLanvé (Suzaro) rescued her and brought her to a safe place. He gave a lantern and a shield of victory.

Then the evil one rose up against her and the Vandarian’s — Jurean-a is what the Kapacéans called them — gave her more lanterns and shields. They defeated the enemy.

Then, some years later, the emperor of Lanofeh was besieged and cried out to Suzaro. Suzaro told the emperor about Queen Amaterien. He called her from Kapacé for help. She took the lantern and shields and fought a great battle.

Then there was great destruction and she cried out. Suzaro gave her healing powers. This is how she became the Healing Mother. After her thousand years of reigning in Kapacé ended, she became the Healing Mother of Henshu Monastery, splitting her time between her realm and Lanofeh.

The lanterns were put in a museum in Hendirth and a thousand years go by. They were stolen by operatives of Mudscathe and hidden throughout the land so they would have no more power.

The heroes are amazed. They had never heard the full story before!

The more they walk through the castle, the more the Healing Mother trembles. She goes back to being bent over and leaning on her staff. The heroes have never seen her so afraid!

Finally in the middle of a ruined courtyard they see the lantern. They approach it. Everyone is so relieved.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, the Healing Mother sees a shadow.

“Shadow people!” she cries.

They are attacked by creatures that resemble humanoid ravens and carry spears and tridents and gladiator armor and weaponry.

The leader confronts them. He is a wizard mage and blackthorn.

A battle ensues and the Shadow People and heroes fight.

The Healing Mother, though, hangs back. She is very afraid. She watches the battle in horror as it is obvious that the heroes will be defeated.

She realizes she must go to war.

She starts fighting and cries out.

“DaLanvé! Be with me! Help me!”

DaLanvé is the Kapacéan name for Suzaro.

She calls down hailstones and fire, brandishing her snowflake ring in the face of the Shadow People mage.

She slams down her staff and the blue gem blasts out light around the courtyard.

From above, a huge dove comes hurtling down and lands on the Queen’s shoulder.

All fighting stops and the wizard and Shadow People flee in terror.

Relieved and calm again, the Silent Dove (for that is who it was) floated gracefully back up into the sky.

The Healing Mother watches him leave then shakes her head as if waking up from a dream. She turns her attention to the heroes and the task before her.

She picks up the lantern and reaches inside to find the scroll she knew would be in there. She reads it aloud. The praises to Suzaro fills the evil courtyard and whole castle.

Then they light the lantern with the staff of the Healing Mother.

They find a hidden passage behind a huge statue of the Raven Lord. There they find a polished black box. The Healing Mother senses that there’s a massive amount of magic and has significance in some way, but how nobody can tell.

They take the box and go back to Henshu Monastery. During the journey back, the Healing Mother notices they are being followed but she doesn’t tell anyone. If it is who she thinks it is, it’s going to be really bad.

Who could it be?