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The Lantern of the Ruins


The heroes and the Healing Mother return to the Henshu Monastery. A big counsel is set for the next morning after they return.

The Queen retires to her chamber and rests. Before she turns in, she kneels down by her bed and prays to Suzaro, asking Him to show her what to do and for His Silent Dove to guide her.

In the middle of the night, she has a dream.

She dreams she’s back in her youth, eons ago before she became Queen.

In her young days she was bound by darkness and almost destroyed by the enemy, DaChatchen. DaLanvé (the name for Suzaro in Kapacé) rescued her and brought her to a safe place. He gave her a lantern and a shield of victory.

Then the evil one rose up against her and the Vandarian’s (jurean-a in Kapacian) gave her more lanterns and shields. They defeated the enemy.

Then the emperor of Lanofeh was besieged and cried out to Suzaro. Suzaro told the emperor about Amaterien. The emperor called her from Kapacé for help. She took the lantern and shields and fought a great battle.

This was her first time in Lanofeh.

Then there was great destruction and she cried out. Suzaro gave her healing powers and she defeated the enemy.

The lanterns were put in a museum in a small village and a thousand years go by. They were stolen by operatives of Mudscaith and hidden throughout the land so they would have no more power.

They can be only found by praise.

When praises to the Silent Dove are made, the lanterns appear.

The Healing Mother turns in her sleep and then she sees Shepherd Geralt appearing to her in her dream!

Geralt tells her she needs to find the Lost Lanterns of Lanofeh and give them to the followers of Suzaro and protect those who don’t know Him yet. Her job is to bring light and joy to the people and show them Suzaro’s love so they can be
saved by this great attack.

He tells her to go to the Athamadeir Ruins.

Upon waking the next morning, she summons the Henshu Monastery historian Ziackk Gazwell.

He finds out that the Athamadeir Ruins is an ancient civilization from Lanofeh’s long lost past and is home to one of the first lost lanterns of Lanofeh…

The heroes and the Healing Mother has their counsel. Upon telling them about Geralt and the lanterns, Rota pulls out the scroll out of his pocket. “I found this, Healing Mother, by the white flower that healed you.”

The Healing Mother opened it and read it. She knew that this was the praise that Geralt was talking about it. It spoke of love and great job and freedom. She put it in her pouch.

After their counsel, the heroes of Lanofeh and the Healing Mother go forth to locate and retrieve the first lantern.

The lantern is in one of the towers of what was once a great temple.

Upon discovering the lantern, great thundering sounds are heard as the stone walls of the ruined city are blasted apart by an unknown weapon. The city walls are under siege, and the strange people who are the descendants of the guardians join forces with Healing Mother and heroes to defend the ruined city.

An epic battle begins!

Heroes take positions on the battlements and throughout the ruins, each leading a small group of followers to aid in the battle.

They fight back against the first wave of invaders.

The invaders, who are a mix of monsters and followers of monsters, overrun the first quarter of the city and the heroes of Lanofeh are pushed back and forced to retreat.

The Healing Mother receives a message from a Henshu agent about a secret weapon the enemy has across the Great River. The Healing Mother directs the heroes as a task force to take out the secret weapon, thus crippling enemy forces and their ability to attack.

The Healing Mother and the heroes commence a surprise attack upon the secret weapon. It is a vast, cannon-like weapon of iron and flash powder made my the Rujjiie chieftain of armory and weaponry. A battle ensues against this chieftain.

After defeating the chieftain, the heroes and the Healing Mother return to the ruined city whereupon a Vandarian messenger is sent from Suzaro to reignite the full strength of the powers of the first lantern.

The Healing Mother remembers the scroll they found at the Wisdom Tree. She opens it and reads it. (Bible Lesson Isaiah 61). The full power of the lantern is reignited and they are able to retrieve it. Another scroll falls from it. She puts that in her pouch to be read later.

The enemy is defeated and the heroes return to the Henshu Monastery victorious with the lantern.