Here’s some key events:

1452: Leonardo da Vinci born. He was a humanist, scientist, and artist.

1453: Constantinople was defeated by Ottoman Empire. It led Greek thinkers t move westward.

Hundred Years war ended. That brought stability.

1454: Gutenberg Bible printed by Johannes Gutenberg. This was a new printing technology that revolutionized the world. It was as powerful or more powerful than the advent of the Internet in our days.

1469: Lorenzo de Medici takes power in Florence. High point of Florentine Renaissance.

1472: Sixtus IV appointed pope. He continues building projects in Rome, including the Sistine Chapel.

1516: Da Vinci accepts invitation by Francis I of France.

1519: Death of da Vinci.

Artistic works:

1454: Benozzo Gozzoli, “Adoration of the Magi”

1465: Andrea Mantegna, Giovanni Bellini,”The Agony of the Garden”

They were competing brothers-in-law

1443–1452: Leon Battista Alberti, “On the Art of Building”

1470: Thomas Malory, “le Morte d’Arthur”

1471: Marsilio Ficino, “Platonic Theory”

Discussion Questions:

Who was da Vinci?

What was going on in England during this time period?

What are some works that da Vinci is famous for, even today?

How did da Vinci influence culture and inventions and art?

Who was Michaelangelo and what did he create?