Your Business Building Success Blueprint Semester I Physical Books

I’m glad you are in the class and I can’t wait to see how you grow and the wonderful ideas you come up with! Watch the video and then do the following:

  1. Go to the Materials tab and download and fill out the Income Streams Worksheet. You can type directly into the document but you have to download it first. You can click on the button below or click on the Bonus 1 icon further down.
  2. Complete the address shipping form to receive your books.
  3. Complete Module 1.

Dates for video releases and class syllabus:

Module 1: Why You Need a Family Economy (Available Now)

Module 2: The Basic Business Building Steps (Available Now)

Module 3: Create a Vision of Your Family Economy (Available October 12)

Module 4: Definitions You MUST Know to Get Started (Available October 26)

Module 5: Persona VS Name: Which One Are You? (Available November 9)

Module 6: Essential Elements of a Well-Designed Logo/Brand (Available November 23)

Module 7: The Best Software to Build Your Brand (Available December 7)

Module 8: Generate Ideas that Spark Your Creativity (Available December 21)

Bonus 1: Case Studies on Actual Students (Available December 21)

Bonus #2: Income Streams Worksheet (Available now)

Bonus #3: Your Dazzling Future Encouraging Audio (Available now)

Bonus #4: Basic Graphic Design Tutorial and Software Demonstration and Course (Available December 7)