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Bountiful Business Planning Blitz Live Masterclass

Are you lacking clarity of what your business can be? Are you desperately looking for harvest, working hard to plant those seeds but you don’t see the results you’re looking for? Are giants in the way of the mountains of your life, preventing you from getting to the Promised Land that the Lord put on your heart?

I get it because I’ve been there. It felt like I was on a merry go round and I could never get off. There were so many obstacles in my way that I almost gave up. But God told me not to. He said that I had to keep fighting my giants that stood in my way and He would be fighting beside me. Because really, the battle is His.

He told me to stick to my plan and keep going and help others due the same in the process.

And I got my breakthrough. Not only that, but the breakthroughs keep coming!

You see, long ago I was inspired by a Bible verse: Isaiah 32:8.

But the noble person devises noble plans;
And by noble plans he stands.

At the time, we were experiencing a lot of pain from the recession. We had a vacation rental that was vacant for months. Paying two mortgages destroyed us. We lost the house, my husband’s work was cut back, and our own house was falling to pieces.

We were utterly devastated and I was utterly dependent upon God. That’s when I made this noble pmylan: to be a wildly successful entrepreneur. Now there’s been many twists and turns and I’m not where I want to be quite honestly. But I’ve been fighting the monsters within myself and the giants in my way while desperately wanting to conquer the mountains of my life so I could reach the vista of who God made me to be.

Along the way I have learned transformational, life changing lessons and I’ve gained the school of hard knocks wisdom to help my family as we have become all self-employed with our own businesses. We are seeing victories and the way seems more clear than ever before.

In the midst of my agony, God revealed to me that I would break through and then help others along the way.

So that’s why I’m offering this business planning live masterclass.

The Bible says without vision, we perish. It’s so true. If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there?

Business planning is foundational to success. It’s crucial. But not only that, from Scripture we know that unless the Lord builds the house, the builder builds in vein.

The Holy Spirit needs to be in the midst of our planning. In fact, He needs to be our CEO! So studying the Bible and prayer is key in creating a business plan.

So what if you made a noble plan and by that noble plan you stood? What if you wrote out your goals and had a roadmap? How would that make a difference in your life and business?

Here’s what you can expect:

* You come away with a business plan.

* You can take all the information you compile and create a professional business plan to share with investors or stakeholders.

So what are the details?

Live MasterClass via Zoom

April 17, 5-7 pm MST

April 19, 5-7 pm MST

April 21, 5-7 pm MST

Replays will be available.

Includes lifetime access to the videos as well as updates.

Also includes bonuses–your own avatar worksheets and a Statement of Value worksheet!