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Faith-Based Live Action Role Playing Camp for Kids Ages 11–17!

June Summer Camp, June 6-8, 1:30–4:30 pm

LARPing including ditch battling, boffer sword making, acting gamess, character development, role-playing games, creative writing & drama–All educational and fun!

Ditch Battling

Each time we meet, we will be ditch battling! That’s a fancy word for fighting with boffer swords. Sometimes this means we have magic and sometimes it’s melee only. We incorporate fun games also like capture the flag, zombie apocalypse, and more.


Live Action Role Playing

This is our cornerstone activity. We will be acting out an exciting plot where Queen Amaterien aka the Healing Mother played by Mrs. Beasley will lead her heroes to a dangerous quest to find the Lake of Alaskia in some magical mountains in Kapacé. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles and enemies including Quilup and his silver dragon. They must find the relics of a time gone by: the trumpet of Belkin and the voice of Kovanie.


Advanced Narrative Roleplay

Each time we get together for the summer camp, we spend some time building a storyline using Nahen Creed’s Advanced Narrative Roleplaying system. It is led by Mrs. Beasley who grew up playing D&D. This is a Christian alternative to Dungeons & Dragons and it is simplified to make playing fun and enjoyable.


We will be making boffer swords. This will be your sword for the rest of our time together!


Each time we meet, the Director Mrs. Beasley will lead a Bible devotional. This summer our theme will be conquering mountains with Scriptures like Psalm 61 and Psalm 121. Mrs. Beasley will impart encouragement that God can help us with our most difficult moments and hard times and He’s always by our side guiding us.

Drama Skits and Games

Participants will play acting games and participate in short skits.

Dana Susan Beasley

Program Director

Mompreneur Dana Susan Beasley, owner of AngelArts, a Creative Arts Agency, Publishing House, and Enrichment Programs is the program director. A life-long enthusiast of Lord of the Rings and Narnia, Dana delights in leading the group and playing the part of Queen Amaterien, also known as the Healing Mother.

Sam Beasley

Man at Arms

Sam will be leading the ditch battling games and demonstrating sword techniques. Sam is our weapons consultant and designer.