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A 5-Day Video-on-Demand Action Class

Thank you for joining the class! This is going to be such a valuable exercise for you!

I’ll never forget in college when in one of my classes we created business plans. It was one of the best projects ever!

So here’s the deal–you have two choices with this class–

—You can create a mock business


–You can create an ACTUAL business.

So first, choose which one you are going to do–a mock or actual business and then name the business.

Now if you are making a mock business, I want you to read all the following lessons pretending you are a new business owner. If you are making an actual business, then these lessons are really going to help you define your business that you are creating.

You can spread out this course however is convenient for you. You can do it daily for five days, weekly for five weeks, or however you want to space it out. Each lesson is 45 minutes to an hour and each lesson has about an hour’s worth of homework.

Okay, so here goes:

Are you ready for 2021? Ready to leave behind 2020 and reach for better, more, for hope? Are you looking to reach the next level in your business? Where are you now and where do you want to be at the end of 2021?

Do you have a homeschool student who wants to start a business and needs to learn this very important skill? Great opportunity for them AND it counts as school! This includes quizzes and certifications and grades.

Includes lifetime access to the videos as well as updates.

Also includes bonuses–your own avatar worksheets and a Statement of Value worksheet!

This course would count for at least 10 credits, depending on the number of hours your student puts into it.