Character Analysis Sheets

Download the Character Analysis Sheets. You must download it for it to work. It is a fillable form.

Have your student (s) work through the sheets. This is not an assignment that is being graded. If your student has blocks in completing this, have them do the best they can, even just writing a descriptive paragraph about their chosen character with their selected race and class.

All of this can be done in Adobe Acrobat. In fact, the character sheet MUST be typed.

Note: in order for the form to work, you have to download it to your desktop from your browser. You CANNOT make the edits on your browser.

The more your child fill this out, the better they will be at acting their character and the more we will be able to fit them into the story line. Be encouraged. Our students have found this process encouraging even to the point of going on to write novels!

These videos are from 2019 and because of all the COVID craziness, Mrs. Beasley has not had a chance to update them. Think about your character in the American Revolution/Colonial times. You can choose your costumes from their if you like or you can stick to the medieval period. Watch movies and read books that have to do with the War of Independence. A TV series that is fantastic is Liberty Kids.

The characters that are created will be called “The Heroes of Lanofeh” and they will be on the side of the Healing Mother. During the LARP, there will be times when the group is divided into heroes and villians so we can fight each other. We might not be switching this year but staying in our clans.

You can absolutely choose a combination of races. Like I’m a half-elf and half-vandarian. Victoria is a half-elf.

When your student is finished, do a save as with their name in the file name. Email it to Mrs. Beasley at Print it out and put it in the binder with the Player’s Handbook.

Also included on this page is the Character Inventory Sheet. Print it out and put it in the binder.

We also have a character sheet that is a summary. Do this last. Take a photo or scan it and email it to Print it out and put it in the binder.

A note for veterans: You may have already given us a copy but updating and working on your character periodically is a good idea. Plan to do so every semester and for the camp.

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